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So when I read Ursula le Guin last year, I was fascinated by the idea of sedoretus, but I was also insanely busy and/or depressed at the time, so I didn't get fannishly engaged, other than a brief notion that it made Potter simultaneously easier to ship and incredibly creepier. Then, today I found [personal profile] melannen's post on group-marriages, and, well, right post at the right time, because now all I can think about are sedoretus. In all my fandoms, please. Pretty please.

The Duke of Gorlois (morning) is married to Igraine (morning), Uther Pendragon (evening) and to the Lady of the Lake (evening). Gorlois and the Lady (who may or may not be Nimue, and who may or may not be Igraine's sister from their Evening mother) have a daughter called Morgan who is, following her mother, also of the evening moiety. Uther and Igraine have a son, Arthur, who is of the morning moiety.

Igraine dies in childbirth. Their moiety collapses in on itself; Gorlois and Uther fight bitterly and one or both die (Gorlois, if there's just one casualty). The Lady, who is also high priestess (and therefore the Lady) leaves Uther with the two children, and takes up residence at the court of and as part of the sedoretu of King Ban of Gaul, and has a son with him, who is brought up at that court. This son is called Lancelot, and is of the evening moiety, like his mother and sister.

Uther dies and Arthur comes to the throne, with his sedoretu-sib Morgan as his high priestess. Lancelot, being one of his fathers' younger sons (and not entirely loved by Ban's Queen), ships off to join Arthur and Morgan in Albion as fast as he can--he's probably a couple of years younger than Arthur and Morgan, who are probably just about the same age, give or take a few months. King Leodegrance isn't entirely eager to offer his daughter Guinevere to form the fourth side of the square, but the High King and High Priestess of Albion aren't exactly suitors you reject--it doesn't help that Lancelot has come with the proposal and is busy making eyes at Guinevere.

The marriage has four expected sexual relationships and two expected non-sexual relationships:
Arthur(m)/Morgan(e), who are of different moieties and are children of the same sedoretu;
Morgan(e)/Guinevere(m), who are of different moieties and are children of different sedoretus;
Guinevere(m)/Lancelot(e), who are of different moieties and are children of different sedoretus;
Lancelot(e)/Arthur(m), who are of different moieties and of different sedoretus, but Arthur's Evening Mother is Lancelot's bio-mother, and Evening Mother, though they don't share any other parents and are not biologically related;
Arthur(m) & Guinevere(m), who are of the same moiety but are children of different sedoretus; and
Morgan(e) & Lancelot(e), who are of the same moiety and share a biological parent, though they are children of different sedoretus.

(Both Arthur's sexual relationships are therefore incestuous in a societal way, though he doesn't share blood with either Morgan or Lancelot. Poor Arthur, condemned to incest no matter the 'verse. This is still better than usual, since he's not sleeping with anyone of the same moiety, and he's not sleeping with anyone he's biologically related to.)

The marriage produces two children: Arthur and Morgan have Mordred, who is evening, and Lancelot and Guinevere have Galahad, who is morning. I'm not sure why Mordred hates Arthur in this 'verse, since he's perfectly legitimate and has a very good chance of inheriting the throne. Maybe he's a wonderful kid without all the societal horrors twisting him. It might be fun to instead make Galahad vaguely conflicted. But I digress.

This one goes very different, but interesting places. Homosexuality will still be not the done thing, but it becomes easier to hide out in the open; people just assume you're the (fe)male half of a sedoretu, or the the (fe)male halves of two sedoretus, rather than something as terrible and scandalous as an all-(fe)male sedoretu. Laurie hooking up with Andrew is only frowned-upon because he should be paying equal attention (at least) to Nurse Adrian; Ralph is hiding them both when he drags Laurie over to join his flirtation with the female Straike at Lucy's wedding. Oh. Oh my, Lucy's wedding. It is almost certainly her taking the place of Straike's evening wife in Straike's sedoretu.

Alec(e)/Ralph(m) are the old established couple; Sandy is the other morning person in the group--Ralph disapproves, but at least he disapproves less than Alec does of Bunny, who is evening of course. Though, neither Sandy nor Laurie might be aware of or amenable to being pulled into a sedoretu, nevermind what Ralph has painstakingly planned, and anyway Ralph/Laurie is too precarious and new for a good while.

In my Party-verse, this would eventually (post-Sandy) resolve into Alec/Ralph, Ralph/Laurie, Laurie/Andrew, Andrew/Alec, with Ralph gradually growing into the idea of being Andrew's moiety-sib. Alec is already bossing Laurie like a good elder brother in the novel. Eh.

The kids are fairly easy, actually. Ron and Ginny are sibs in any case, and both morning. Harry and Hermione are evening, leading to Harry(e)/Ginny(m), Ginny(m)/Hermione(e), Hermione(e)/Ron(m), Ron(m)/Harry(e); with Harry(e)&Hermione(e) being close friends. Draco, I favour as evening as well, with Draco(e)/Asteria(m), Asteria(m)/Pansy(e), Pansy(e)/Blaise(m), Blaise(m)/Draco(e), with Pansy(e)&Draco(e) being best friends and Blaise(m)&Asteria(m) being cordial, but not really close.

The Marauders are also not-too-difficult to arrange, but for that you need to go up the Black Family Tree a little. For now assume that Sirius and James are of different moieties, and Sirius is evening. This gives us James(m)/Sirius(e), Sirius(e)/Remus(m), Remus(m)/Lily(e), Lily(e)/James(m), with Sirius&Lily and James&Remus being friends, though Lily&Sirius become friends later, of course. Now the reason that Sirius and James have to be of different moieties. You get your moiety through your mother. Dorea Potter nee Black is Walburga Black's father's sister. Since you can only have children with a partner of the opposite gender&moiety, this pretty much means that Walburga and Dorea are of opposite moieties and therefore so are their children (i.e Sirius and James).

Now my actual interest in this fandom, predictably, Walburga Black's sedoretu. *g* Walburga(e) marries Orion(m), Cygnus(e) who is her brother and Druella(m). How Druella survives sex with Walburga without being killed nobody's sure. *ahem*. The fun part is that this leaves Sirius and Regulus as sedoretu-sibs with the Black sisters. Someone write me that fic, please. Please. [ profile] ceredwensirius?

This comes four-squared and incestuous for your pleasure, since clearly Peter and Lucy are both morning and children of their Morning mother and Evening father, while Susan and Edmund are evening. (Prof. Pevensie is their Morning father and works in coding; their Evening Father is in the army, their Evening mother is a nurse and their Morning mother, who is the Mrs. Pevensie we see, used to be a secretary but left her job after the building got bombed in the Blitz. But I digress.) I say just keep all four together, but even without that I'm fairly sure you'd need something apocalyptic to try and separate Edmund and Susan within Narnia. Of course the fact that royal incest is more than tolerated in Narnia makes Susan's dates in England rather fraught.

I am for making Mr. and Mrs. Bennet the morning half of a marriage with their evening spouses dead, and splitting up the girls, so that Jane and Mary are morning, while Elizabeth, Kitty, and Lydia are evening. This of course does the canon absolute justice, since you get Bingley(e)/Jane(m), Jane(m)/Elizabeth(e), Elizabeth(e)/Darcy(m), Darcy(m)/Bingley(e), or, if incest in P&P squicks you out, you just have Bingley/Jane and Elizabeth/Darcy, a.k.a the canon pairs. Of course, what Caroline Bingley was hoping for is Bingley(e)/Georgiana(m), Georgiana(m)/Caroline(e), Caroline(e)/Darcy(m), Darcy(m)/Bingley(e). This is why you can't have Jane and Elizabeth be part of the same moiety, since that would make Darcy and Bingley part of the same moiety, which would mean Caroline wouldn't try and marry Darcy. Um.

Of course, then the marriage Darcy and Miss de Bourgh are supposed to be a part of is that they both marry people of the evening moiety, since they're both morning since their mothers are sisters. Though I dunno who the other woman in that is supposed to be, I assume the evening man is Colonel Fitzwilliam. Him courting Elizabeth at Rosings makes a peculiar sort of sense in that context, and still leaves Elizabeth/Darcy as romantic endgame.

So, Roku and Azulon are totally half-a-sedoretu, y/y?

For the Gaang I'm assuming it goes Aang(m)/Katara(e), Katara(e)/Suki(m), Suki(m)/Sokka(e), Sokka(e)/Aang(m). Toph is peculiar because nobody knows who Lin's otherparents are, tch. Speaking of, Tenzin's sedoretu used to include Lin and Pema, but their morning man (since Tenzin is evening because Katara is evening) died/left, and that kinda collapsed in on itself.

The fire-kids, as [ profile] 22by7 pointed out, are clearly their own sedoretu, though with three women and Zuko, though it's gotta help that they're the people they are and therefore terrifying. Also, eh, royal eccentricities.

Kaminey is the sedoretu that could have been, except Mikhail died, dammit. Because Sweety and Mikhail would have been terrifying and deadly as moiety-sibs. Though the idea of Guddu having sex with Mikhail is as hilarious as Charlie/Sweety is unspeakably hot.

Bollywood is actually immensely good for this bit; most of the 70's films map on splendiferously. Deewar, check. Sholay, motherfuckingcheck. And to be relatively recent: Karan-Arjun, check, Dil to Pagal Hai, check. Hum Aap Ke Hai Kaun is clearly the story of the morning woman in a sedoretu dying and everyone scrambling to try and make it stay functional. Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna would also work, except people from the same moiety are also from the same gender. Though, no, that would explain the conflict: SRK and Rani's characters cannot get married because they're of the same moiety. Woe! 

What else, what else? It doesn't work with the Alexandriad, except it does when Alexander and Hephaistion marry Darius' daughters, who needn't be of the same moiety, but even that's wobbly. Works excellently and creepily with Wuthering Heights, actually. And of course there's the Vorkosigan Saga, which a lot of incredibly dedicated people have drawn charts and family-trees for, on [personal profile] melannen's post and elsewhere. Oh, oh, and Hysteria, I'm almost certain it works there.

tl;dr: I've gone mad and am charting my fandoms to new relationship-styles.


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