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I am terribly sorry for the long delay. Things got a bit bad elsewhere, and I kept procrastinating on this end.

I'm extremely excited that we matched for Yuletide, because all three of these fandoms are new to me: devoured within the last three/four months, and I'm fairly obsessed with canon but also very eager to see where fanfic leads the characters. I just want to immerse myself into these worlds and stay there. *g*

I have nothing much to put in the general (dis)likes category. I like all sorts of fic, ranging from fluffy gen through dark and/or porny (though I haven't signed up for either Yuleporn or Crueltide). I have no trigger warnings, and would in fact prefer any depictions of violence--a possibility in all three of my nominations--to be dealt with in a realistic manner; I don't freak out easily, so have at it if the story takes you that way; conversely, if you dislike writing sex or violence or violent sex, I'll be as happy with light-hearted banter and shenanigans--also a possibility in all three of my nominations. As to pairings, I'm okay with het, slash, and femslash; I would prefer a lack of parent-child incest, even when the relationship is largely family-of-choice.

If any of my fandom-specific notes don't work with the fic in your head, feel free to ignore the following. I'll like whatever you write. If you want to check up on details, message [ profile] bee_muse, who knows me inside-out and is horribly good at keeping secrets from me. If you want see how I write, all my posted fic is available on my AO3 account, though I have never written in any of the fandoms I've requested.

Onwards to the fandoms:
  1. Penny Dreadful [Vanessa Ives; Sir Malcolm Murray; Ethan Chandler; Victor Frankenstein]: As I've said in my optional details, "spooky stories, found families, back-story, future-fic, gen, het, slash, UST" are all awesome, as is the hinted-at Christmas special, if you want to write something seasonal. I love the setting of Victorian London and the way this show seems to exist in an AU of Dracula: any stories dealing with the city, its underbelly and the demi-monde would be wonderful; ditto an exploration of the relationships of the nominated characters to others in the show and/or the mythos of the period.
    As to pairings, I like Vanessa/Ethan, Ethan/Victor, even Sir Malcolm/Ethan though I'm not sure how that would work; I'm also good with either Vanessa or Ethan paired with Dorian (or even a threesome) though of course Dorian isn't among my nominated characters; I read Victor as somewhere on the asexual spectrum, but he does have an almost-romantic connection with both of his creations, so if you want to explore that, that'd be cool. I don't want to read Vanessa/Sir Malcolm, unless it's the beasty that assumed Sir Malcolm's form. I would also love gen explorations of the found-family dynamic. Whatever you write will be ♥ed.

  2. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Phryne Fisher; Dorothy "Dot"; Albert "Bert" Johnson; Elizabeth MacMillan]: Again, I love as vast a range of stories as you can dream up for this fandom. "Cases, shenanigans, society parties, back-stories, future-fic, takes-a-village-to-raise-a-child, career stories, gen, het, slash, femslash, UST, AU, WWI vignette" everything's all good! I haven't read the novels, but if you want to include canon from them, feel free. I also know absolutely nothing about Australia, then or now, so please don't feel constrained if you're in roughly the same boat; that said, if you want to write a story that is deeply rooted in 1920s Melbourne, then kudos to you and I will totally read up to understand any references if necessary. *g* ♥
    I like all the possible pairings, always respecting Mac's canonical sexual orientation (and everyone else's, but Dot and Phryne could as easily be bi, and there's no word on Bert in this regard I don't think). Gen fic is also always awesome, especially the lovely found-family vibe that's there in the show. Anything you write about this canon will make me happy.

  3. Lord Peter Wimsey [Peter Wimsey; Harriet Vane; Mervyn Bunter; Honoria Lucasta Wimsey]: So I read a few of the Wimsey short stories when I was in middle-school, lo this decade and more ago, and only got hold of the novels a few months back and blew through them in a week. And I just love the stories, the characters, the real sense of family one gets between Peter and the Dowager Duchess, Peter and Harriet, Harriet and the Dowager, Bunter and Peter, and that lovely scene where Harriet and Honoria are talking about Peter and Bunter is just beyond excellent. So really, just anything about these four in any combination would be lovely. As I've said in the optional details: "I like society-stuff (both high-society and Bloomsbury circle, to say nothing of Oxford), family shenanigans, career hassles, gen, het, slash, WWI, back-stories, future-fic, case-stories, kid-fic, whatever else you can think of."
    For this canon, I like the canonical pairing of Peter/Harriet very very much, but also the quasi-canonical pairing of Peter/Bunter (where the devotion may not be sexual but certainly exists); if the story takes you, or you take the story that way, it would also be interesting to see Bunter/Peter/Harriet. On a different note, genfic involving the whole family (including the Duke and Duchess, St.George, Mary and Charles Parker, and all the little Parkers and Wimseys) would be aces, though of course you needn't write characters that I didn't select. Honestly, anything in this canon is sure to make me happy.

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Are you planning to update this at some point? Somewhere out there is presumably someone who, by now, must be cursing you!


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