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I've got two full-length stories!

My assigned gift, was 'A Night at "Eve's Fall!', a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries fic which captures the glittering twenties to perfection. Set in a woman's (possibly lesbian) club, it's a Mac-Phryne friendship fic that starts out comfortable and glamorous and tumbles rapidly into chaos, much like the show: honestly it reads like the first scene of an episode, or a cold open. I especially loved Phryne's innate detective-ness, and the easy closeness she has with Mac. And, oh, the clothes, the appearance, the attention paid to setting. It's like watching a bit of the Jazz Age unspool in front of one. Thank you, dear Author.

My full-length treat (which I know is a treat because I didn't request the fandom, and because I suspect I know the author) is a canon divergence AU for The Charioteer. In 'Corkscrew' Andrew shows up in person to bid farewell rather than accomplishing the deed via letter, runs into Ralph, and the whole truth tumbles out. I love it, every scrap and witty repartee, and just Ralph, Ralph you heart-breaking, charming, manipulative bastard. Andrew himself is very solid and sensible and I just want to swathe him in a blanket and dispense hot chocolate and alcohol as necessary. Dear man. ahem. Laurie is also pitched perfectly, but my heart in this fandom belongs to everyone but him, which is perhaps only proper. I... have already read this one twice, because it's essentially a screwball comedy version of TC. (Ralph played by Katharine Hepburn)


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