Dec. 26th, 2015


Dec. 26th, 2015 09:46 am
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Thank you Yuletide Gods, my recip. likes my fic upto and including the mention of other characters and ships. whew!

Onto the goodies! I got three lovely stories, two in the main collection and The Least Anonymous Treat in Madness:

Full Spectrum, which is a long and polyamorous soulmates AU in the Check Please 'verse, and is full of snippets of college life and hockey and photography and baking and a gorgeous attribution of particular colours to each member of the polygon.

Long is the way and hard, where Andrew shows up to talk to Laurie and Ralph at the latter's flat and is driven back all roiling with angst and confusion. Poor Andrew. I loved the way Ralph looks through Andrew's eyes, and how clear-headed the boy is, really, considering the veil Laurie has been drawing. (I suspect this stands as sequel to last year's Corkscrew, at least in spirit, but of course it might turn out to be not intended as such at all.)

Acts of the Stomach, that Least Anonymous Treat is an iteration of Mahabharat set in a modern AU and is an absolute delight to read. I read it on my phone this morning and squealed and shrieked. Dearest We-Both-Know-Who-You-Are, you're not getting out of collaborating.


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