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So, because I am bored, I asked for prompts, and [ profile] applegnat left me, 'Charlie, coping' and 'Charlie and Guddu, friends'. This. Is not the response to that. Well, in a way.



Right. So that happened. Anyhoo, if you want me writing you an opposite-drabble, whatever that is, comment?
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So, because I am clearly insane, I was wondering, I really like the thing [ profile] noneedofcrepe does, of sending out cards, but I really cannot draw at all. But I can (mostly) write.

So, I could write out, in longhand (my handwriting is legible, promise) a drabble (100-200 words) of your choosing, and mail you them. If anyone wants one?

Of course, likely I'm spouting rubbish, but, yeah, thought I'd offer.

PM if you want your addy unknown to other commenters.


ETA: My bigger fandoms are Harry Potter, Renault's Alexandriad, most of Graeco-Roman mythology, so that's likely how I know y'all. However, long as the source is well-known (by which I mean wiki and/or youtube will let me get a basic grasp, if I don't already have it) I'm up for whatever you choose. Yes, [ profile] ceredwensirius , I am looking directly at you. [info]kiskafalair and [ profile] dearlyderanged , no walruses. I mean it.
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filched off [ profile] synecdochic

The idea is you describe in v.v. short a story I'm very unlikely to write, and I write you a snippet (prolly 100-200 words) of that fic.

Because I'm bored.


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