Oct. 6th, 2016 04:51 pm
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I've been gone for a good long while, I know, primarily because I've had nothing to say and not much energy. I've also started an instagram account, since that matches my attention and energy levels pretty much exactly these days. I also spent as much of my free, active, time as I could through September trying my first embroidery project in well over a decade. The quote is what Boromir tells Frodo re becoming a Ring Bearer, at some point in the film, and has always stuck with me. It seemed appropriate, given my headlong plunge back into Tolkien waters.

Date: 2016-10-07 06:20 am (UTC)
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Nothing to say—that I get, since I often don't myself, as my own journal shows. Not enough energy, though: have you been ill or something? Overwork? I hope RL is treating you okay.

Date: 2016-10-07 08:17 am (UTC)
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We must keep you calm, then. ;)

Up for a spot of beta'ing?

I just did a tiny ficlet thing as a NYR (which means, if I post it, I have to do so soon). Trouble is, it was inspired by the Oxford Comma Example Sentences (for which see last year's evidence post, if you've forgotten what they are). I showed the fic to Flo; and she said she "didn't get it". I explained the thing to her; she didn't understand. I gave it to her in words of one syllable; and she reread the story and STILL didn't get it.

So it's either my writing or her punctuation.

Very short fic, about 200 words.


Date: 2016-10-07 06:06 pm (UTC)
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I've p.m.ed it to you via DW mail. Thanks!

Date: 2016-10-07 08:30 pm (UTC)
lilliburlero: quotation from The Thuggery Affair, "belshazzar it herbert" (belshazzar)
From: [personal profile] lilliburlero
Love the embroidery -- such gorgeous lettering (esp. the I)!


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