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For my [ profile] au_bingo square, Alternate History: Someone died/didn't come back.

Harry died. post-series. Harry/Ginny, Ginny/Blaise, Blaise/Draco. )


Jul. 20th, 2010 12:01 am
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For my [community profile] au_bingo square alternate History: Canon Event Changed. The event I'm changing is Kunti abandoning Karna.

Adhirathsutaputra Radheya Karna )

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[community profile] rs_career_fest has done reveals, so I can say that I wrote Our Hell is a Good Life, to which A Necessary Part is a prequel of sorts. It seems to have inclinations of twirling off into its own convoluted 'verse, but I'm a little flooded at the moment.

[ profile] teddy_fest is due soonish, and I haven't even started. And then there's [ profile] au_bingo and I've gone and claimed a set for [ profile] 1sentence for Alexander/Hephaistion, so there's that.

Why, yes, I am masochistic, thank you for asking.

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[community profile] dark_agenda has been hosting a Racebending Revenge ficathon on AOOO. The challenge is to alter the race of a white character, and see how that difference of race alters their narrative from the canonical presentation, in fiction of at least 500 words.

I... dawdled. I knew I wanted to play but I wasn't sure what fandom and characters to play with.

I live in a country where my race and putative religion are the majority. I haven't been discriminated against for my race--the media tells me I should be fairer, yes, but that's not quite the same, is it? The one strange white-privilege reaction I get is when people online assume I'm white, or are amazed I'm Indian, either because my English is so good, or because OMG Exotic India! It's a minor irritant, nothing more, far more indicative of the US-centrism of the communities I hang out in than of anything else.

My fandoms aren't ones that are particularly racist/racially-diverse. Most of them are myth-fandoms, anyway, which mostly does away with the race factor.  Renault's Alexandriad, while it certainly has Greeks think Persians barbarians, also has Persians think the same of Greeks--the colour of skin isn't much of an issue, the Greeks are darker than the Persians, like as not. *g*

Which left me with Harry Potter, where the racism is usually--in the wizarding world--about blood, rather than skin. I toyed with the idea of a black!Draco Malfoy fic--yes I'm obsessed, shush--but that didn't work. I'm not sure he'd deign to notice what Muggles and Muggleborns thought about him.

So instead, and following a bit of advice from the [personal profile] dark_administrator, I tried writing about the Dursleys' reaction to a biracial Harry Potter, whose father is black. The result was Moses among the Bulrushes, and I am stunned by how many comments I'm getting. Thank you.
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I [ profile] lgbtfest-ficced.

To this prompt: Harry Potter, Parvati or Padma Patil or Dean Thomas or Blaise Zabini (or anyone else who might fit), They're already a minority as one of Hogwarts' few non-white students. Is it worth coming out as LGBT and adding yet another minority to the list?

I started writing a Padma Patil/Luna Lovegood story, but that didn't work out, mostly because I was anxious about fucking up Marathi culture, so I made the Patils half-Bong, and then I realised that that was maybe worse, and writing a viciously intelligent, bibliophilic, introverted desi girl trying to map out her queerness... well, it cut far too close to the bone, is what.

So I wrote a fic about Blaise Zabini instead. It isn't that I wrote that as second-best; I didn't. I was wondering at one point whether I could write both without running myself into the ground, so it isn't that, exactly. It feels a little like cheating on the prompt, though. With the Patils, their Indian-ness, their desi-ness keeps them different, other, 'exotic', even in their own heads, not in a bad or derogatory fashion, but because they are part of both cultures, and their way of interacting with magic and/or their families is basically Indian (there is nothing that is basically Indian, but the desis on my f-list will probably understand what I'm attempting to convey). For Zabini, I don't get that, because he's basically British, in my head, for all his long-dead father might well have been Italian, or at least descended from Italians on his father's side. Because wizards discriminate by blood, I don't really see them also discriminating by colour. At least not Zabini's classmates. I can easily see a lot of the Muggleborns being racist, however, and the one racist slur in the story comes from a Muggleborn girl, who's boyfriend is black himself, and she's basically using the slur because it's the one thing she can think of, to throw at Zabini.

It isn't a bad story, I'm not dissatisfied with it, I didn't even feel the need to sit and take it to pieces and change 50% of the words. I like it better than I liked one of my [ profile] lgbtfest pieces last year. It's a nice, solid story. It's just I think there should be more racism in it, and my Zabini is simply too cool-headed to be perturbed by these things; having some Muggleborn (or even pure-blood) comment about him wouldn't register: he knows he's better, he couldn't care less what someone not in his little circle thinks. And his circle, well, Malfoy could, and he's the one the rest of that little coven would follow. But my Draco is a little sweet on Blaise, and so nothing of that sort transpires.

I dunno. It's niggling at me.

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I wrote a Ramayana fic. It is here. Incidentally, there are three stories on AOOO about the Ramayana, all of them mine. How scary.

This is a story about Pramila, Meghnad's wife. I like Pramila. I like Meghnad more, but that's a different issue entirely. I'm sure Pramila likes Meghnad more, too.

In other news, today for the first time in the nearly seventeen years I have been in the education system, a classmate tried to outscream me. I was so stunned he succeeded. I wasn't even having a fight with him. I don't even know.

However. there is fic. Fic makes everything better. *cuddles*
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a.k.a what I wrote in class while my prof. thought I was taking notes. The Draco from[ profile] lolly_says, in his new habitation.

His mother's kin are unknown to him, and their ways. )


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