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So you got matched up to write for me by Yuletide. I love you already. *g* No, seriously. Because no matter which of my fandoms you’re writing for, they’re all tiny and very very dear to me. If I know you already (chances are), hey, thanks for doing this. If I don’t, thanks for doing this, and believe me, I’ll stalk you once authors are revealed.

Um, right, so, ignoring the creepy vibe of that last comment, let’s move on.

A couple general things. I mostly (definitely for this lot) get into fandoms because the characters draw me in. For at least two of the requested fandoms, there are (a fair number of) other versions around, but this particular iteration most appealed to me. This is not to denigrate in any way plot-driven stories, if you write me a yule epic, I’ll be the happiest person around (I love long stories but can never write them), but, yeah. Characterisation is where the meat is, for me, and what I would really love to see, in any of the fandoms listed here, is an exploration, either of any one of the characters, or of the personal dynamics of two or more of them.

Whether you write gen, het, or slash is entirely your choice, I’m not in the least put off by any of them. But I’d rather not see glamourised depictions of rape or any other sort of violence, which, admittedly, is possible in all my fandoms. Please, don’t go there. If you write me a story about, idk, Charlie being beaten up, or Bagoas with the men his master lends him to, or Lancelot being assaulted by his father’s men when he’s fighting alongside, or Sulla turning tricks, I’d rather feel the horror. (Not that I’m asking for such a story, you understand, just an example.) Other than that, whatever you write is grand, no matter the rating. What squicks I have are fandom-specific, and I’ll be getting to that in a bit.

But before I do that, again, thank you for writing this.

So, specificities. Now, I’ve already detailed all I’d like in the stories on the request page itself, so I’m just going to use this space to talk a bit about why I love these fandoms.


Kaminey (Mikhail/Charlie/Guddu/Sweety) came as a bit of a surprise, because I went in expecting a fun, caper film. Bharadwaj is known for his artistry, but I’m not in the least fannish about either Maqbool or Omkara (both of which are fabulous). I’m not usually fannish about films at all, as a matter of fact. But Kaminey hit all my kinks, narrative or otherwise. It’s simply the most fun I’ve had in ages, be it watching, discussing or ficcing about the film.

And I love the story, I love the camera-work, I love the wardrobe decisions, I love the songs and how well they’re used (ironically or otherwise), and I lovelovelove the sheer energy of all the characters (gleeful evil is always entertaining—why so serious?) and their interactions. So that’s the story I’m rooting for, I want to see these people interact with each other, and with whatever other characters might strike your fancy, in whatever chronotope or context you want to put them into. AUs, pre-, during-, post-film, backstory, future-fic, kid-fic, curtain-fic, college-fic, friendship-fic, action, drama, romance, angst, fluff—it’s all good. But please let’s stay away from the twincest, yeah?

Oh, and if you’re writing this and aren’t [ profile] maryrenaultfics), failed to locate e-books for, found Fire from Heaven in my uni bookstore, and finally got the set when someone brought me his books from Scotland. So, yes, I’m quite the dedicated little fan. I love the stories, the people, the sheer beauty of the language, everything.

As I’ve said in the request, anything at all about Alexander or Hephaistion or Bagoas is deeply loved (as are you for writing it). I love all three (okay, maybe Hephaistion most, shush).

But. I’m a complete historical-fiction addict, so if your story revolves around, or even just mentions, any of the spectacular events (and they’re in the books, so I’m not even asking for, say, Troy, or Siwah, or the Gordian Knot, if you’d rather not look at other material) of Alexander’s incredibly dramatic life, I would be deeply, pathetically grateful. Say, Gedrosia, or Persepolis burning up, or the Illyrian sojourn, or defeating the Theban Band, or meeting Porus, or the mass wedding, or Sisygambis, or, really, anything you think of.

As always, character-explorations, in interaction or isolation are fabulous.

[resources: [ profile] maryrenaultfics has a number of great stories, and links to other resources.]


Mists of Avalon (Morgaine/Arthur/Lancelot/Gwenwyfar) I love because it’s a feminist/pagan retelling. Yeah, cliché, I know.

But I love it, I love Morgaine, I love Lancelot. I don’t love Gwenwyfar, but I get her, I understand her terror of wide open spaces, and, later, her terror of walls, I like how she tries to bring Christianity in and how hard she struggles to do that. I like how pagan Lancelot is, but how uncomfortable with calling his mother his goddess, and, his goddess his mother, and how that messes up him and Morgaine, and (maybe) plays into his attraction to Gwenwyfar. I like the tension between them all, the struggles and the underlying deep love. I like the weaving together of pagan and Christian myths, and the trouble that causes. I love how world-weary Arthur is. I love the Gideon/Galahad push-pull, and how Lancelot isn’t quite sure whether or not he loves Gwenwyfar more because she is Arthur’s (feel free to explore Lancelot bisexuality, hee), and the Gideon/Gwenwyfar/Galahad triangle. Or the Orkneys, though they aren't mentioned in my character-requests, and how they relate to any of the four.

So anything you write about them is deeply appreciated, gen, het or slash; courtly love or conspiracy, or, hell, court gossip about the intimately twisted relations between the leading four.

Or anything else you come up with, of course, I’m just giving you random examples.

[resources: wiki]


Masters of Rome (Sulla/Young Sulla/Young Caesar) is a bit of a problem fandom with me, because, while I love her world, and characters, some of McCullough’s terminology jars me out of the MoR-universe once in a while (say, Auntie Clitty).

But hers are the only novels I’ve found that deal with the generation before Caesar Dictator, and I’m a bit of a Sulla girl (as the request might tell you *g*) So, anything you write in this universe that deals with Sulla will be greatly and deeply appreciated, especially if you work in either (or both) of the other requested characters. Kid-fic dealing with Young Sulla and Young Caesar is also greatly loved, of course, especially since Caesar purportedly respects Young Sulla, and I find that an intriguing thing—Caesar’s so, idk, aware of being potentially great throughout that it’s odd to imagine him admiring a boy not much older than himself. And Sulla-Caesar is such a clash of Titans (rising and westering sun, unlike, say, Pompey-Sulla, which is also fun) and the influence Aurelia exerts over both is so interesting, that that’d be a very cool fic, too. Or Sulla-the-father. Or Sulla-pre-series. Or Sulla-post-Dictatorship.

Basically, anything with Lucius Cornelius Sulla Felix in it is loved—I’m easy that way *g*.

[resources: wiki, Life of Sylla, Caesar's works.]


Feel free to write something entirely different if you’d rather, of course, these are just off the top of my head, (as is everything in the requests themselves) and do not in any way indicate that I must have a story along these lines. I’ll appreciate anything you write. Thank you.


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