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for [personal profile] filia_noctis, to the prompt: Kay/Julia, telepathy

and slowly it unfolds (1059 words) by toujours_nigel
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Night Watch - Sarah Waters
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Kay Langrish/Julia Standing
Characters: Kay Langrish, Mickey (Night Watch)
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Soulmates, Telepathic Bond, Butch/Femme
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I wrote 17 stories last year, ranging from just over 1000 words to just over 12,000, and totalling over 78k words. A good chunk of that, just under a third of it, was for Yuletide. Still, not a bad haul, for an otherwise fraught and busy year.

The fandom break-down is alphabetical, and within each fandom, by word-count:

Alexander Trilogy:
Foster-Child of Silence and Slow Time (1124 words) (Yuletide)
Autumn, Fall (1062 words)


the night, the beloved body (12163 words) (Yuletide)

Harry Potter:
Tieresias Trap (8608 words) (w.i.p)
and the life (7709 words) (w.i.p)
The Wish to Move Backward (3166 words) (r-s games)

kounteya (6481 words) (w.i.p)


Isn't Love (1170 words) (edited and posted to AO3)

Night Watch:
not the squares of the cinema but envelopes of affection (1428 words) (Rare Women)

Penny Dreadful:
Between the Shadow and the Soul (5027 words) (Yuletide)

The Charioteer:
conditions best suited of all to unreserve (9789 words) (w.i.p)
The Thousandth Man (6569 words) (Yuletide)
Not a House or Even a Tent (6084 words)
restless nights in one-night cheap hotels (3514 words)
A Vote of Thanks to Mr. Abse and Lord Arran (2529 words) (Yuletide)
the unwearying heart over the waves of the sea (1500 words)
Auld Lang Syne (1001 words)

ETA: Because it's right there at the top anyway, my total stats on AO3, over 172 fics spread in 38 fandoms (not counting variations of the same fandom) are:

Woefully small, compared to most who have been around five years and change, but I'm not remotely prolific.

What's interesting about the stats is that I can practically chart my mental health by looking at them. 2014 has been a good year, at least since August and is certainly the most I've written in a year, with 2013 clocking in at just below 60k (59861 words) and 2010 a distant third (42817 words). 2009 gets off easy, since that's when I got into fandom and was writing almost entirely drabbles, and because a lot of what I was writing was in role-plays on various communities. You can see the worst of the depression just by looking at output-levels: in 2011 I wrote just over 16k in 10 stories, of which 7 were for Yuletide; in 2012 I wrote 21k or thereabouts, missing Yuletide entirely but getting invested in The Charioteer as a writing fandom.

My aim for 2015 is to write at least 80k of fanfic, and hopefully get a chunk of work done on the novel.
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So there's this thing that [personal profile] brownbetty calls feral wips in her journal, and I don't have that, exactly, but I *do* have a bunch that was going to be stuff but now is just sitting in my hard-drive and has been for over a year, *sigh* posting because.

Steve/Bucky pre-war )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

unrelated Steve&Bucky, post-Avengers, poss. post-Winter Soldier. )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Olympias FFH snippet, morning after Alexander has been deflowered. )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Karna sentence, no damned clue why. )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

Kay/Julia snippet, following on from the one story I wrote for them. )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

TC snippet, I forget what for. )

~*~ ~*~ ~*~

And there's this one, which is definitely going to progress, dammit. but hasn't in a while, so.

What I was planning to write for rs_games but then I fell ill, recovered and wrote something else. Longish snippet. )
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The one where Mr. Odell is divorced but not dead, and meets Laurie when he's at school.

The one where Hazell does not get off on being spanked.

Ralph's stint of being obliging.

Charles and Laurie at Oxford.

Laurie's childhood.

Ralph's childhood.

More fic about Hugh Treviss, dammit.

How do Alec and Ralph meet and hook up?

Sandy. Just, anything about Sandy.

Bunny's backstory and front-story.

Alec the philanderer.

Lucy/Gareth, the love story.

Lucy Straike as vicar's wife.

Aunt Olive! Aunt Olive at school, Aunt Olive as a lesbian, Aunt Olive having every idea what Laurie and Ralph are up to, just Aunt Olive.

Admiral Ralph Ross Lanyon, deeply unlikely as that is.

Ralph in Narnia.

or, more likely, Ralph running into any of the Pevensie children, pref. Edmund.

Laurie marries Nurse Adrian.

Nurse Adrian! All the fic about Nurse Adrian, please.

Reg Barker, who is aware that our Spud is a bit off but doesn't actually feel at all uncomfortable about him. Why? How? Discuss at length. :)

Madge and her affair and how she feels about Reg and what she thinks of Laurie being truly insufferably nosy.

Bim and the exigencies about being a pilot in the Battle of Britain, poor bastard.

Ralph as a children's author post-war.

Laurie in the BBC (possible cross-over with The Hour, though I dunno much about that show.)

Cross-over with Night Watch, possibly via Kay (NW) and Andrew, but also possible through Viv Pierce (NW) and the Barkers, I think.

Alec/Sandy. Just all of it.

Alec/Andrew, which really I should write again at some point.

Ralph/Laurie/Andrew. Because. or maybe Ralph/Laurie, Laurie/Andrew, with all parties concerned aware and consenting. Ralph+Andrew optional but loved.

Ralph/Bunny, the good bits.

Dave, you utter creepazoid.

Mervyn in hospital.

Miss Haliburton and why she waives her misanthropy for Laurie.

Alec+Miss Haliburton friendship fic.

Lucy's first marriage.

Nurse Adrian and Andrew Raynes. Anything from friendship to romance, because really, why can't Andrew be bisexual at least?

Laurie realising he doesn't dislike all queer parties.

Ralph's first birthday party for Laurie.

Laura Odell. Anything here, really. While I don't believe that a fem!Laurie would be in the armed services, it would be very interesting if she was. (

Rachel Lanyon being in the WRNS. First Officer WRNS Rachel Lanyon, omnomnom. (

Annie Raynes and the ambulance services. Ooooh, Annie Raynes meeting Kay Langrish (NW) in London in 1940/41.

Alice Deacon, being a female doctor in the 40s. (poor girl)

Sandy/Alec, a long and happy romance.

Andrew in the 50s, the death Renault imagined for him.

Finally seeing homosexuality decriminalised in their fifties (Ralph would be 53, Andrew 47) (

The Straikes finding out that Laurie is gay (though I've received two beautiful fics about Mr. Straike finding out about Ralph being gay, at least.)

Ralph becoming a radio operator for the RNVR.

Hazell's Hollywood career.

Ralph at school.

Teaching Laurie Odell fencing, by Hugh Treviss.

Reg meeting Ralph.

Lucy and Gareth Straike having a baby. She's only about forty-five, isn't she?

Any of the characters reading David Blaize. The boys, of course, but even one of the older lot, it was published earlier enough to effectively be a book of their youth.

Actually, fictional characters reading fiction is lovely in general. Loom of Youth, I think, would be very interesting for Ralph, perhaps moreso than David Blaize.

Last, and perhaps crackiest, a sedoretu set in TC. A sedoretu, explained in detail here, is a foursquare marriage, with four sexual (a/b, b/c, c/d, d/a) and two asexual (a+c, b+d) couples: it is usually composed of two men and two women, but that is not truly necessary. My ramblings on sedoretus in TC here. As with all others, this is just me speculating, and not in any way a demand for fic.

[more as it occurs]
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So, I've done this a couple of times, and it's brilliant fun. So.

Tell me about a fic (any fic) that I've never written, and I'll either write a little snippet of it, or tell you a bit about it. Applicable fandoms are in the tags, but feel free to ask about something that isn't listed but you know I've some familiarity with.


If you want, here are my fics on AO3, feel free to ask about any of them. Not everything I've written is up there. however.

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Give me a show/movie/fandom and I'll tell you:

my favourite female character
my favourite male character
my favourite book/season/etc
my favourite episode (if it's a tv show)
my favourite cast member
my favourite relationship
a character I'd die defending
a character I just can't sympathize with
a character I grew to love
my anti otp

(fandoms in tags; feel free to add any you know I like.)


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