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a.k.a. comment here with the name of any fictional woman you believe me conversant with, (the fandoms this is tagged with all apply.)
 and I'll either write a drabble about her, or at least talk about why she strikes me as wonderful.

I'm off to the Book Fair. Ta, all.
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So, watching Maqbool might just be the nicest way to ease oneself into studying Macbeth at breakneck speed. Quite apart from all else, Pankaj Kapur is the kick-assest King Duncan EVAH. (now if only his son would display the genes he got from Daddy, okay, must not go off-topic)

ADG does in fact ramble a lot. I have the notes to prove it.

Why doesn't Lady Macbeth have a naaaame? I'm terribly miffed about this. I also am sad I didn't spot this earlier, because, good lord, what fun could have been had. Too late now.

Wikipedia tells me the wife of the historical Macbeth was called Gruoch ingen Boite.

[ profile] applegnat suggests Jane, which is not without merit. Mostly because it makes me think of Jane Fairfax, the good twin. (or Jane Murdstone, the eviller one. triplets?)

Does anyone think Jane Fairfax might have been related to Edward Fairfax? He of Rochester Manor?

Just think of good Aunt Jane paying a visit, ahahaha.

So clearly I am manic (not high, oh I wish I were high, *sigh*. yes, i rhymed very badly, shutup), and should be getting back to my notes.

on that note, i leave you with Lord and Lady Macbeth, Bollywood-ishtyle.

ETA: omg! a seeequellll
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"In the play MacBeth and Lady MacBeth had a desire to be king and queen of Scotland. At the time they didn't consider the tool it would take on their lives because their heads were full of greed."

alrighty, then


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