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The last several posts on this page are just me apologising--months apart--for being so absent, and I don't really think that's likely to change. But the Better Half and I are trying to write a couple of original novels, so if people are interested I could post about and excerpts from those here? I'll set up a filter for that content, though, so if anyone wants to opt in, or haha, is still even reading this, say so in the comments?
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One of the things I have been keeping quiet about, and that have been keeping me quiet, is that I am trying--after a fallow period of five years and counting--to return to writing original fiction. I have some stories thought out, at various lengths, but nothing really started yet. Hoping to use November to write a couple of short stories, both roughly in the fantasy genre, even though my head is frankly far more taken up with two realist plots. This prioritisation, however, is necessary because I want to apply to the Clarion West summer workshop, and, while they say they will consider any piece of writing, the workshop itself aims to train sff and horror authors, and I will need one of their several scholarships in order to go if I qualify, so best to load the bases. It's not as though I don't quite enjoy writing fantasy. I would like to discuss my stories as and when I go about writing them, so do chime in if you want to be on the appropriate filter.

I also have some notion about the Yuletide assignment, and adore both the requested canon and character, so that ought to be good.
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A significant minor character you've been steadily growing fonder of demands to be given his own space and story instead of being shoehorned into flashbacks of his little sister's epic narrative and now you have to do all the research you were hoping to avoid?

([personal profile] lilliburlero this is the story you were kind enough to read and review)
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Madmen in from the street
Standing in the pouring rain
In the mud to their ankles
To their calves to their knees
To their ankles in the mud
And the rain pissing down
Piss running down their legs
And windows chorusing shut
To keep out storm and (in)sanity.

Somewhere a witch cackles.
Or maybe it's just a madwoman.
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I have lost them--
I never used any, so it's not that great a loss--
But I have lost them all,
And it bothers me--
Nobody believes I have OCD, but I do, about words--
To have lost all those words
That I was keeping for you.

I have lost you, too--
Are you happy? Will you stop calling me, please?--
But that hurts rather less;
You were honestly lost--
Are you getting married soon-ish? Will you invite me?--
But those words still
Rattle around my mind.

I have lost the meaning--
The coherence, as it were, the very sense of them--
But the letters themselves,
In strange combinations--
A phrase, a query that must once have had meaning--
Recall their old selves
And mine so safely lost.


Dec. 18th, 2009 01:00 am
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a.k.a my attempt at drawing stuff ) *sigh* my art skills suck bison balls.


Sep. 7th, 2009 07:15 pm
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Somebody has been killing—

And the bodies lie there,

Strewn on the street, crushed,

Still glossy brown and chitinous—

All the cockroaches around.

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For my WiP class I have to write a story about a secret and/or a crime. So I dallied a long time, and then I gave up and chose one of my old favourites, about whom I once attempted to co-write a novel. Anyway.

to my son, on his sixteenth birthday, from his father, a gift. )

This is the first section of the story.
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if all the world’s a stage,

(and one must believe the Bard,

though he steal this line from a hoarding)

who’s watching us perform?


god, you say? or the gods?

but whose gods and which gods?

(and have they nothing better to do?

and who’s watching them?)


or are we all stuck in a rehearsal

(I have never played, but am told

That rehearsals are a needful evil)

laughing at each other’s flubbed lines?

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The harmony of flute and kithara,

And the lovely, moon-drenched girls

And the wine-drenched lovely gods,

And the blood of death and life.

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Hunger )



Sleep )


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