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What I Got

I was an exceedingly lucky child this year, since I got no less than SIX stories, two in the main collection and four in Madness.

Both my main stories were by [ profile] fawatsonPrep School, which is a TC fic that shows Ralph as a child, and which was this delightful romp that still foreshadowed the coming trouble. Tiny Ralph was a delight and I wish he was non-fictional so I could hug him and feed him treats. Doubtless this would affront him.

The Beginning of a Love Affair, which shows the first meeting between Sisygambis and Alexander, which is a relationship that doesn't garner much attention. Which of course makes this even more precious (my precious). Fa, who presumably knows my weakness for it, also included a mention of Hephaistion's sisters, which was the cherry on top of a delicious cake. <3

Of the treats two were TC, both by [personal profile] naraht:
One of the white-headed boys was a snap-shot of Sandy's schooldays, which was very interesting. I don't think much about Sandy, and this was very unexpected, but the more I thought about it the more plausible and somehow right it seemed.
Beyond the Sea was an AU where Ralph is a PoW after his ship goes down, and sent chills down my spine with the last line.

The other two were Arthurian:
Once and Future was a modern AU-ish, with the last section flashing back to the original legendarium. I especially liked how the Jen/Arthur interaction spoke to the change in expectations and the dreams were deliciously creepy.
More than Blood is an AU where Mordred is killed as an infant, and is the sort of soft, sad thing that reminds me unbearably of T.H White. Inevitably, one feels sorrier for Arthur than he might deserve.


What I Wrote

I only wrote two things this year, and the second began life as a cut-scene from the first, so I'm hesitant to even claim its existence as a separate thing. Anyway.

I wrote, as my assignment, 1 Samuel 19, which takes off where Season 1 of Kings leaves off, and shows us the three main characters (well, the three main young characters, since Silas is very much a main character even if Rose arguably isn't) in detention, house-arrest, and exile. I... am actually somewhat conflicted about this fic. My recipient's request for an OT3 is one I was unable to fulfill, since my original plan for that would have required a 30-40k fic, which proved impossible for various reasons. However, I do rather like how it turned out, and I have hopes of continuing it over this year.

For a treat I wrote Family Planning, which was, if nothing else, an interesting experiment in writing a het scene from the p.o.v of the supremely uninterested guy.

If nothing else, I'm taking away from this Yuletide a great love for a rather minor and rather overlooked character, Lucinda Wolfson. It's not a bad take-away.
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So, I've done this a couple of times, and it's brilliant fun. So.

Tell me about a fic (any fic) that I've never written, and I'll either write a little snippet of it, or tell you a bit about it. Applicable fandoms are in the tags, but feel free to ask about something that isn't listed but you know I've some familiarity with.


If you want, here are my fics on AO3, feel free to ask about any of them. Not everything I've written is up there. however.

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So when I read Ursula le Guin last year, I was fascinated by the idea of sedoretus, but I was also insanely busy and/or depressed at the time, so I didn't get fannishly engaged, other than a brief notion that it made Potter simultaneously easier to ship and incredibly creepier. Then, today I found [personal profile] melannen's post on group-marriages, and, well, right post at the right time, because now all I can think about are sedoretus. In all my fandoms, please. Pretty please.

Arthurian Mythology, which has to be done across generations. )

The Charioteer )

Harry Potter )

Narnia )

Pride and Prejudice )

Avatar:the last Airbender )

Bollywood, clubbed together. )

What else, what else? It doesn't work with the Alexandriad, except it does when Alexander and Hephaistion marry Darius' daughters, who needn't be of the same moiety, but even that's wobbly. Works excellently and creepily with Wuthering Heights, actually. And of course there's the Vorkosigan Saga, which a lot of incredibly dedicated people have drawn charts and family-trees for, on [personal profile] melannen's post and elsewhere. Oh, oh, and Hysteria, I'm almost certain it works there.

tl;dr: I've gone mad and am charting my fandoms to new relationship-styles.

just no

Dec. 7th, 2011 02:43 am
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 I wish for once that authors would accommodate a large number and variety of awesome people in their novels, and nevermind whether or not they clash horribly or show up interesting contrasts. And, this above all, your high-feminist priestess/warrior-chick does not have to, and should not be forced to, in any way/shape/form negate your delicate, poised, lovely young princess. Hell, they can be the same person, what with that thing about being able to contain multitudes. But if they aren't--and yes, the same society can bloody well accommodate both/all sorts, bloodygods--then they can get along, or at least, you, the narrator/author needn't play such stark favourites, please please, prettyfuckingplease.

and no. Just, no. Down Guinevere, Up Morgana is not a fun game, no indeed it is not. Especially when, dear Marion Zimmer Bradley, especially when you make Guinevere a sweet, simpering, missish young girl, and seem to forget that female leisure is a relatively new creature and the bloody High Queen of Britain will, in fact, not get to sit around stitching Christian tapestries all the bloody time. Where are her godsfucking courtiers, I ask you? Where are her lands, her vassals, her maids-of-honour, her coterie. And not, not, not absofuckinglutely not just the high born women of her husband's clan/court, where are her women? and why is she behaving like someone out of a saas-bahu serial?


Bloody T.H. White (god rest his dead white male soul) at least made me cry with the people. It's the bloody Arthuriad, what's the point if they're not all great-hearted fools who break you to teeny tiny miniscule pieces? What is this Tristan and Isolde? 



Jan. 13th, 2010 12:12 pm
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I'm justifiably bunking uni today. I cite bandh, lethargy, horrible classes, and parental aiding and abetting. Also, IS and IC's school got cancelled for the day.

I'm going to be miserable once I graduate (lo, in July), though this last year anna half hasn't exactly been brilliant. I'll miss the place and the profs.

I'll also miss what [personal profile] fireshowers calls my clandestinely studying Greek texts. I've bought Fagles' translations of the Oresteia and Sophocles' Theban plays, not an expense I can at all justify, since we're devoting something like a week to each lot (part of a Tragedy course) and the only other text I've purchased is The Tempest, which is sort of the main text for a different course. I've also acquired from Xerxes Fagles' Iliad, and am tempted to buy it, since, really, it's at a reasonable price. But I already have two Iliads and not sure whether I can justify buying a third, when I don't really need it.

I won't, y'know, hard as that is to believe. I've a small set of Greek or related books, very few in physical form, few more as e-books. Mostly they aren't novels--only Greek-related novels I have are Renault and Manfredi's Alexandriads--they aren't volumes I read obsessively. I just like the comfort of owning them.

Which is all extremely wasteful. I'm not going to study the Greeks; I haven't the training. And if I just stop thinking of it in terms of loss, I'll be easier reconciled to the fact. It isn't, after all, as though what I plan on studying isn't also an obsession, and one started at an younger age, at that, and one I have as much knowledge of as it possible, at this point. I can read Middle English pretty well, and write it; I know my way through at least the stories of most of the Arthurian legends. I can even mostly decipher Old English, given enough time and possibly a glossary. And I love Arthur, I do, I'm the kid who took up courses most people take only when obliged to, and begged interesting papers, and did quite well, considering. It's more a love for Arthuriana than Middle English, actually, whatever Grendel might say.

It's just that so close to choosing, the path (that'll remain) not taken generates a new longing.


Jan. 3rd, 2010 05:17 pm
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I wrote over a hundred fics last year, here and elsewhere. (elsewhere being [ profile] maryrenaultfics, [ profile] lgbtfest, [ profile] yuletide, and [ profile] fandomcommerce.) *happy*

Now to start off the count for 2010. Prompts, anyone? In a drabbling mood. Fandoms are anything in the tags. (Or, alternatively, anything I can read up on, or am likely to know.)
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Dear Yuletide Author, )


Feel free to write something entirely different if you’d rather, of course, these are just off the top of my head, (as is everything in the requests themselves) and do not in any way indicate that I must have a story along these lines. I’ll appreciate anything you write. Thank you.
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So, I'm writing for [ profile] yuletidethis year, first time ever. *deep breath*

Go nominate, I've put up the Alexandriad, the Arthurian legends, and *dhan-te-naan* Kaminey. I'd love writing fic for either the Alexandriad or Arthuriana, both being long-lasting loves, but, as you know if you peruse this lj at all, Kaminey is my newest infatuation, and, by gods I've fallen hard.

All of which means, [ profile] applegnat, and [ profile] 22by7, that you should please request a Kaminey story, yes? please?

ETA: yes, i know I don't have to write what I nominate, it's simply that the two overlap.
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Camelot 3000 is my newest thing-to-read-while-avoiding-academics, which is a long name, yes, but the only adequate one.

(did i mention that i should be studying Beckett and Miller? I did? I didn't? Oh, well, what's it matter, any way? What truth is there, in that? erm. so, moving on.)

And I love it entirely. It is delicious, and I have a feeling I should dislike it, because, well, cracktastic, but it's Arthuriana, the canon is Alternate History. Also. look. 

shiny cover art )

So, Arthur is awoken, and while Arthur is, thus, still Arthur, the others have been reincarnated, of whome Lancelot is a French businessman, and Guinevere is military.

together, they fight space aliens! and possibly Morgan le Fay! )

(blond child off to the corner is blond-child-off-to-the-corner. he awakened Arthur by accident and is now getting dragged along. I'm choosing to mostly ignore him.)

I am so deeply gleeful, I cannot even


Jun. 17th, 2009 11:37 pm
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Title: Seer.
Fandom: Arthurian legends.
Pairing(s): Morgana/Guinevere, Guinevere/Arthur, Guinever/Lancelot, Arthur/Lancelot(ust)
Disclaimer: notminenotminenotmine.

the High Priestess of Avalon sees many things. )


Jun. 5th, 2009 07:30 pm
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Title: Consent
Fandom: Arthurian myths.
Pairing: none, really.
Disclaimer: notminenotminenotmine.

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Because only two of you asked for anything, here, I've made my own list *is disappointed in f-list*

mah topics, let me show you them )

Anyway, expect at the rate of one each day, not yet sure as to which when.

And now I venture off to write an exam. Ciao, all
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[personal profile] toujours_nigel : i am deeply bored and filled with a (scaring) desire to write het that isn't (even vaguely) incestuous or (at all) non-con but i can't find a pair i like well enough

[ profile] dearlyderanged : hoom. No HP?

[personal profile] toujours_nigel : nobody i like. all the Blacks are incesty. Lily/James i shrink at, somehow. Remus/Tonks, in my head, is very gender-fluid. inter-gen is bad. greek myths, well, incesty. i could write Arthur/Guinevere. hmmmm.

[ profile] dearlyderanged : Hee. do so.

so i did )


I should have been studying Beowulf, but eh. I also need more Arthurian icons.
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Okay, so I just finished reading The Mists of Avalon (thank you[info]riaki ) and it is a most splendiferous book. And I loved Morgaine, and sorta Morgause and Mordred, and Galahad/Lancelet. Gwydion/Arthur is passable if rather weak-chinned. Gwenhwyfar. I almost stopped reading because of how much she was annoying me.



have some fiction in place of a coherent review. Spoilery, and I own nothing. )




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