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when you've cleared the minimum word limit and your protagonists have just said hullo. I am incapable of writing cute 1k stuff, and this is not the story or fandom I was jotting notes for over the last fortnight.
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One of the things I have been keeping quiet about, and that have been keeping me quiet, is that I am trying--after a fallow period of five years and counting--to return to writing original fiction. I have some stories thought out, at various lengths, but nothing really started yet. Hoping to use November to write a couple of short stories, both roughly in the fantasy genre, even though my head is frankly far more taken up with two realist plots. This prioritisation, however, is necessary because I want to apply to the Clarion West summer workshop, and, while they say they will consider any piece of writing, the workshop itself aims to train sff and horror authors, and I will need one of their several scholarships in order to go if I qualify, so best to load the bases. It's not as though I don't quite enjoy writing fantasy. I would like to discuss my stories as and when I go about writing them, so do chime in if you want to be on the appropriate filter.

I also have some notion about the Yuletide assignment, and adore both the requested canon and character, so that ought to be good.
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I have signed up for Yuletide, but am hoping to have a very low-key year: give one, get one, sort of thing. To which end, please PLEASE do not write me a Treat. I do not intend to write and gift extras this year and it is exceedingly bad for my varied and complicated neuroses to receive without reciprocation, so this is an earnest request. I am not fishing or hinting or hoping reverse psychology will kick in or anything. I love my flist and am fairly assured re: their affections, but I just cannot deal with the terror spike of getting Treats when I have none to give.

Thank you for your kind consideration.

it begins

Sep. 17th, 2016 11:23 pm
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Made my Yuletide nominations in time. Nothing Renault this year, since my faves are likely to be nominated by others and I wanted to use my slots for less established fandoms.

  1. ?! Masters of Rome - Colleen McCullough

  2. ?! Mahabharata - Vyasa

  3. ?! Paying Guests - Sarah Waters

    • ?! Frances Wray
    • ?! Lillian Barber
    • ?! Christina (Paying Guests)
    • ?! Stevie (Paying Guests)


Dec. 26th, 2015 09:46 am
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Thank you Yuletide Gods, my recip. likes my fic upto and including the mention of other characters and ships. whew!

Onto the goodies! I got three lovely stories, two in the main collection and The Least Anonymous Treat in Madness:

Full Spectrum, which is a long and polyamorous soulmates AU in the Check Please 'verse, and is full of snippets of college life and hockey and photography and baking and a gorgeous attribution of particular colours to each member of the polygon.

Long is the way and hard, where Andrew shows up to talk to Laurie and Ralph at the latter's flat and is driven back all roiling with angst and confusion. Poor Andrew. I loved the way Ralph looks through Andrew's eyes, and how clear-headed the boy is, really, considering the veil Laurie has been drawing. (I suspect this stands as sequel to last year's Corkscrew, at least in spirit, but of course it might turn out to be not intended as such at all.)

Acts of the Stomach, that Least Anonymous Treat is an iteration of Mahabharat set in a modern AU and is an absolute delight to read. I read it on my phone this morning and squealed and shrieked. Dearest We-Both-Know-Who-You-Are, you're not getting out of collaborating.
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 Wrote and posted the Least Anonymous Treat in about six hours last night. Am fairly certain it is an ill-executed cliche as well as obvious but cannot bring myself to feel worse. At least there *is* a treat. Not writing any was putting me off.
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I posted my Yuletide fic in due time, betaed and saw [ profile] filia_noctis post hers, and see that I have one as well. While I know this sort of thing is in no way one-to-one, I hope I get no treats since I am in no place to write any. My flist seems low-energy enough this year that this likely.

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This might just be the first Yuletide in which I write no treats. I've shifted focus from non-TC and Alexander trilogy Renault, and my flist seems to have lost interest in those. I might just change my mind and go back to those novels and other familiar canon to write the Treats, but between work and illness it feels unlikely. Since I do try and write at least a few each year this feels unconscionably unsociable.

Except, I see, [personal profile] greerwatson so I can salve my conscience somewhat at least. *g*


Nov. 22nd, 2015 12:18 pm
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 Have attained 1.5k in Yuletide fic in one fell swoop after weeks of sitting before an empty.doc file, having once and for all given up hope of modern idiom and surrendered myself to the trigger-warning laden arms of period-accurate pornography. 
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I'm extremely excited that we matched for Yuletide. I haven't requested any of these fandoms for a year, and one of them is extremely new and shiny! I like all aspects of canon, and am sure to like any story told in these worlds, so have at it.

General Notes:
  • All ratings acceptable.

  • All Alternate Universes loved in addition to canonical events.

  • I'm okay with het, slash, and femslash.

  • I like all sorts of fic, ranging from fluffy gen through dark and/or porny (though I haven't signed up for either Yuleporn or Crueltide).

  • I have no trigger warnings, and would in fact prefer any depictions of violence--a possibility in all my nominations to an extent--to be dealt with in a realistic manner; I don't freak out easily, so have at it if the story takes you that way; conversely, if you dislike writing sex or violence or violent sex, I'll be as happy with light-hearted banter and shenanigans--also a possibility in all my nominations.

Fandom-specific details:
  • Mahabharata - Vyasa. Karna, Amba | Shikhandi, Krishna. This is hard to request, because I know anything is vague and unhelpful, but honestly I'd like anything about the three of them. In my head they're roughly the same age, so if you want to run with that, awesome. They're not remotely all on one side, so frosty silences or attempts at persuasion or outright fights could be a thing. Something political would be wonderful, as would a slice of life, or character-explorations, or domestic fluff. Anything, really and truly.

  • The Charioteer - Mary Renault. Ralph Lanyon, Alec Deaxcon. Andrew Raynes. As I go on, I find that I like Andrew a lot more than on my first few perusals. I'd really like to see him interacting with Ralph and/or Andrew, in whatever circumstances. Ralph and Alec's relationship at any stage would also be welcome. I ship these three in all combinations, so if you want to write a shippy story I'd love that. I would equally love gen-fic. Future-fic, kid-fic, intensely-researched fic, complete AU, tropey fluff, buckets of angst, gobs and gobs of ketchup: all equally appreciated. Just gimme something about one, two, or all of these three.

  • Check Please! (Webcomic). Eric Bittle, Jack Zimmerman, Larissa "Lardo" Duan, Shitty Knight. This is the shiny new fandom, so I'm not up on everything. I've read the canon and jumped into tumblr, and of course Eric's twitter, so feel free to go into any and all of that. I know very little about hockey, but I'm willing to be taught, so if in-game stories are your thing, 'sawsome. If you wanna write about baking, or photography, or art, or an impassioned rant about gender justice, ditto. I just want a slice of college life at Samwell with these four, shipping entirely optional but entirely welcome (I ship them all in various combinations starting at queerplatonic bros all the way up to soulmates) so do your thing and rest assured I'll love it.

  • The Iliad - Homer. Achilles, Patroclus, Odysseus, Briseis. Anything! I'd like pre-war, in-war, post-war stories, whatever suits your fancy. I'm okay with gore and violence if that's where you want to go with it, and just as okay with domesticity in a long-term camp. I ship Achilles/Patroclus with great fervour, but I'd also like something about Briseis/Achilles just as much. If you want to bring Patroclus front-and-centre, I'm all for that as well. Culture clashes, claustrophobic cohabitations, late night conversations, battle strategy, nature red in tooth and claw, sylvan childhoods, anything and everything is loved.
If any of my fandom-specific notes don't work with the fic in your head, feel free to ignore the above. I'll like whatever you write, and Optional Details Are Optional. If you want to check up on details, message [ profile] filia_noctis, who knows me inside-out and is horribly good at keeping secrets from me. I hope you have fun writing!


Jan. 1st, 2015 08:58 am
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I had a rather busy Yuletide, as anyone reading this journal can wearily attest. *g*

I was assigned to write for[ profile] filia-noctis/[ profile] bee_muse to much abject horror. Whining, wailing, ringing up marginally-fannish friends to do the same at them, and similar scenes of mourning ensued, because I'm shit at keeping secrets even when the same haven't got to be kept from my girlfriend who lives in the same room as me, dammit. Fairly certain she knows I was her gifter. Anyway. I wrote two stories for her:

the night the beloved body (12163 words) is a Hadestown pre-canon fic where Persephone finds out about Hades/Minthe and promptly goes up to Mum ahead of schedule, dragging Minthe unresisting in her wake. I had enormous fun writing this, though I'm not very sure about accuracy re: dialect, and will probably add another chapter sometime this month, to flesh out the Eurydice/Orpheus angle. [ profile] bee_muse has promised in comments to liveblog this story, so if that happens it'll be fun.

Since the above was dragging, and also because I had the unfair advantage of knowing what she was writing as her assigned gift, I also wrote Between the Shadow & the Soul (5027 words) which is a Penny Dreadful fic set immediately post-canon, where the crew finds out that Ethan is a [REDACTED FOR SPOILERS] and in good tradition decide to chain him up, dose him with drugs, and see what happens. This is the approximate plot of both my fic and her Like a Clock during a Thunderstorm, and ideally they ought to be read in tandem, with the significant difference that she approaches it from Ethan's perspective and I from Vanessa's.

I also wrote three treats this year, all Renault.

For [personal profile] greerwatson/[ profile] greerwatson  I wrote The Thousandth Man (6569 words) about an adult Hugh Treviss serving in the ICS and meeting Ralph quite by accident in slightly discomfiting circumstances. This was extremely interesting to write, since the British in India I have a lot of feelings about, none of them remotely positive, but otoh I do love The Charioteer and had been wanting to write a Treviss story roughly forever: in the end laziness won out and I stuck to familiar ground. *g*

For [personal profile] naraht/[ profile] naraht I wrote A Vote of Thanks to Mr. Abse and Lord Arran (2529 words) a TC fic set in 1967, a couple of days after decriminalisation. I have any number of feelings about this story, since in India a similar decriminalisation occurred when I was nineteen and was rescinded again when I was twenty-four(ish)  and I cannot imagine, though I might just have to experience, living till you're in your fifties knowing that you are a criminal because of how you love, and then, when use and old age accept them, to be told that your love-life is no longer of legal interest. Especially for Ralph, who is so stern with himself and has disciplined himself into such unnatural shape, already in his mid-twenties.

For [personal profile] fawatson/[ profile] fawatson I wrote Foster-child of Silence and Slow Time (1124 words), an Alexadriad fic about Pausanias' wife in the prelude to Olympias' overnight stay en-route to Epirus. When I can't supply sisters, I explore wives. That aside, Pausanias' wife, never awarded a name in canon, struck me very strongly when I read Fire from Heaven this time, simply because a woman whose reaction to being scared and mystified is to go over stores of food and weaponry is my kinda girl! *g* I also wanted her to have a good, if largely absent husband, and a place of her own in the world. Enough bad things will likely happen to her soon enough (given canon) that I also supplied her with a brother.

So that was my lot. I'll probably go round and squeal at all my gifters sometime soon.
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The positively last Yuletide post this year, excepting author-reveals but that's next year, innit?

I have been remiss in mentioning the wonderful story I got in Yuletide Madness, a lovely, intricately sensuous desi take on the Hades/Persephone myth, in part mediated by Hadestown. My heart for this Punjabi Persephone and her mind and her hands and habits and musings and just.

It's called Winter. and it's gorgeous. I have my suspicions amounting to certainty about the author, because Hadestown wasn't one of my requested fandoms, and people who (a) know I like it, (b) are desi, (c) are fannish, well, not a high number, that.


Dec. 25th, 2014 09:52 am
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I've got two full-length stories!

My assigned gift, was 'A Night at "Eve's Fall!', a Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries fic which captures the glittering twenties to perfection. Set in a woman's (possibly lesbian) club, it's a Mac-Phryne friendship fic that starts out comfortable and glamorous and tumbles rapidly into chaos, much like the show: honestly it reads like the first scene of an episode, or a cold open. I especially loved Phryne's innate detective-ness, and the easy closeness she has with Mac. And, oh, the clothes, the appearance, the attention paid to setting. It's like watching a bit of the Jazz Age unspool in front of one. Thank you, dear Author.

My full-length treat (which I know is a treat because I didn't request the fandom, and because I suspect I know the author) is a canon divergence AU for The Charioteer. In 'Corkscrew' Andrew shows up in person to bid farewell rather than accomplishing the deed via letter, runs into Ralph, and the whole truth tumbles out. I love it, every scrap and witty repartee, and just Ralph, Ralph you heart-breaking, charming, manipulative bastard. Andrew himself is very solid and sensible and I just want to swathe him in a blanket and dispense hot chocolate and alcohol as necessary. Dear man. ahem. Laurie is also pitched perfectly, but my heart in this fandom belongs to everyone but him, which is perhaps only proper. I... have already read this one twice, because it's essentially a screwball comedy version of TC. (Ralph played by Katharine Hepburn)
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Finished my w.i.p (it might get another chapter next month but it's structurally finished) clocking in at just above 12k

Total word-count across four fandoms: 27k+

AND there's a gift underneath the tree, hooray!

*collapses in  heap*


Dec. 19th, 2014 12:07 am
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I'm done. I wrote and posted my assignment and the three treats I meant to write, and now I really have to study and stop looking wistfully at my unfinished story (which is inevitably the one I'd started first), or I'll end up needing an extension on my course-work.
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Put in Yuletide Story B, which clocks in at 5k. *g*

Will return to Yuletide Story A, mentioned in previous post, which currently clocks in at about 6k but will most likely double in size.

Must start hunting around for treats.
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Trudging on with Yuletide, at about the 4k mark. (spent two of my class-hours today writing instead of paying attention to the lecture {bad research scholar no biscuit!}) Rather enjoying it. If nothing else it provides a welcome change to everything else.

In July, [ profile] bee_muse and I moved out of campus to a one-bedroom flat in the neighbourhood, which she had plans of purchasing. Last week we realised that even a fifteen-minute bout of rain left water seeping in through the walls and that our termite infestation was persistent and affected the whole building. Our landlord is refusing to return the advance her father had made for the purchase, which amounts to just above six months' rent. We've also been unable to find a different apartment so are faced with a move back into the hostel and associated restrictions.

Also, [ profile] bee_muse's fairly virulent dust-allergy has been reclassified as asthma, so there's that. Though moving back to campus should help with that.

And I read and wrote a 12-page book-review in twenty-four hours flat.

So, uh. yeah. Yuletide. Yuletide and shopping. *g*

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I am terribly sorry for the long delay. Things got a bit bad elsewhere, and I kept procrastinating on this end.

I'm extremely excited that we matched for Yuletide, because all three of these fandoms are new to me: devoured within the last three/four months, and I'm fairly obsessed with canon but also very eager to see where fanfic leads the characters. I just want to immerse myself into these worlds and stay there. *g*

I have nothing much to put in the general (dis)likes category. I like all sorts of fic, ranging from fluffy gen through dark and/or porny (though I haven't signed up for either Yuleporn or Crueltide). I have no trigger warnings, and would in fact prefer any depictions of violence--a possibility in all three of my nominations--to be dealt with in a realistic manner; I don't freak out easily, so have at it if the story takes you that way; conversely, if you dislike writing sex or violence or violent sex, I'll be as happy with light-hearted banter and shenanigans--also a possibility in all three of my nominations. As to pairings, I'm okay with het, slash, and femslash; I would prefer a lack of parent-child incest, even when the relationship is largely family-of-choice.

If any of my fandom-specific notes don't work with the fic in your head, feel free to ignore the following. I'll like whatever you write. If you want to check up on details, message [ profile] bee_muse, who knows me inside-out and is horribly good at keeping secrets from me. If you want see how I write, all my posted fic is available on my AO3 account, though I have never written in any of the fandoms I've requested.

Onwards to the fandoms:
  1. Penny Dreadful [Vanessa Ives; Sir Malcolm Murray; Ethan Chandler; Victor Frankenstein]: As I've said in my optional details, "spooky stories, found families, back-story, future-fic, gen, het, slash, UST" are all awesome, as is the hinted-at Christmas special, if you want to write something seasonal. I love the setting of Victorian London and the way this show seems to exist in an AU of Dracula: any stories dealing with the city, its underbelly and the demi-monde would be wonderful; ditto an exploration of the relationships of the nominated characters to others in the show and/or the mythos of the period.
    As to pairings, I like Vanessa/Ethan, Ethan/Victor, even Sir Malcolm/Ethan though I'm not sure how that would work; I'm also good with either Vanessa or Ethan paired with Dorian (or even a threesome) though of course Dorian isn't among my nominated characters; I read Victor as somewhere on the asexual spectrum, but he does have an almost-romantic connection with both of his creations, so if you want to explore that, that'd be cool. I don't want to read Vanessa/Sir Malcolm, unless it's the beasty that assumed Sir Malcolm's form. I would also love gen explorations of the found-family dynamic. Whatever you write will be ♥ed.

  2. Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [Phryne Fisher; Dorothy "Dot"; Albert "Bert" Johnson; Elizabeth MacMillan]: Again, I love as vast a range of stories as you can dream up for this fandom. "Cases, shenanigans, society parties, back-stories, future-fic, takes-a-village-to-raise-a-child, career stories, gen, het, slash, femslash, UST, AU, WWI vignette" everything's all good! I haven't read the novels, but if you want to include canon from them, feel free. I also know absolutely nothing about Australia, then or now, so please don't feel constrained if you're in roughly the same boat; that said, if you want to write a story that is deeply rooted in 1920s Melbourne, then kudos to you and I will totally read up to understand any references if necessary. *g* ♥
    I like all the possible pairings, always respecting Mac's canonical sexual orientation (and everyone else's, but Dot and Phryne could as easily be bi, and there's no word on Bert in this regard I don't think). Gen fic is also always awesome, especially the lovely found-family vibe that's there in the show. Anything you write about this canon will make me happy.

  3. Lord Peter Wimsey [Peter Wimsey; Harriet Vane; Mervyn Bunter; Honoria Lucasta Wimsey]: So I read a few of the Wimsey short stories when I was in middle-school, lo this decade and more ago, and only got hold of the novels a few months back and blew through them in a week. And I just love the stories, the characters, the real sense of family one gets between Peter and the Dowager Duchess, Peter and Harriet, Harriet and the Dowager, Bunter and Peter, and that lovely scene where Harriet and Honoria are talking about Peter and Bunter is just beyond excellent. So really, just anything about these four in any combination would be lovely. As I've said in the optional details: "I like society-stuff (both high-society and Bloomsbury circle, to say nothing of Oxford), family shenanigans, career hassles, gen, het, slash, WWI, back-stories, future-fic, case-stories, kid-fic, whatever else you can think of."
    For this canon, I like the canonical pairing of Peter/Harriet very very much, but also the quasi-canonical pairing of Peter/Bunter (where the devotion may not be sexual but certainly exists); if the story takes you, or you take the story that way, it would also be interesting to see Bunter/Peter/Harriet. On a different note, genfic involving the whole family (including the Duke and Duchess, St.George, Mary and Charles Parker, and all the little Parkers and Wimseys) would be aces, though of course you needn't write characters that I didn't select. Honestly, anything in this canon is sure to make me happy.
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Thank you Yule gods and little fishes, all my nominations got approved! I was a tad worried about Hild. Now to trawl through the tag-set and ruminate requests and offers.

And then to write the letter. The last few years I've been putting it off till the last moment, and last year I think I ended up not writing one.
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Oh, Lord, what does one request/offer. I've nommed Nicola Griffith's Hild, and the Peter Wimsey Mysteries (oh, Harriet!), and obligatory Renault horsetrading. *g* But I'm all at sea for the other. And I see the obligatory Annual Squabble re: kink(shaming) is up and running.

Damn blast and bloody hell.

In personal news, life is ashes, all ashes, [ profile] bee_muse is having a hell of a time at home, poor child, I'm having much fun and malaise at home myself, scholarly work has been booted into a corner for autumnal celebrations, my friends from undergrad are trooping back into the city hurrah.

I'm also trying to write Ralph/Alec getting together, which involves previously-well-received OCs and an off-page cameo by the Wimseys (hurrah, no really, just think how Ralph would detest Saint-George!), and the awkward fact of them having already hooked up previously under false pretences (gruff lower-class seaman, sir) by Ralph, and pseudonyms ditto. \o/


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