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For [ profile] padfootsloveras per her prompt here, a Hermione/Cedric drabble. Hope it fits your prompt, and sorry it's late.

the love that we never saw )
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For [ profile] ceredwensirius , as per her prompt here.

Lily/James/Sirius, not sure how far I've followed the prompt.

there are others in the bed. )
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In response to [info]ceredwensirius's comment here, a Sirius/Draco drabble.

*** *** ***

It had been easier to look at Harry and not see James.

Draco falls in step with him and harasses him up and down the Ministry corridors and the steps of Azkaban and the privacy of his own house and every gesture of his hands and the clenching of his jaw around pleading words is Lucius at eighteen, lordly and insouciant. Unable to accept helplessness. 

He is, too, much older, weariness etched into grey eyes that mirror his, and the thinned mouth that begs so for his father—his cousin, beloved enemy, Lucius, you fool—clings as desperately to his.

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I don't know how to organise these things, but [ profile] kiskafalairand I were thinking about writing 'five love affairs that never happened', and then [ profile] ceredwensiriuswanted in as well, so I guess now it's a proper thing.

So, claiming post, here. You can post pairings. One pairing per comment. People who want to write those pairings have to reply to those comments, etc. Post a link to your fic when it's done, also in the same thread.

That is all. Oh, and fic should be drabble size.


ETA: non-canon pairings, obviously.

ETA II (because i'm an idjit): Claiming starts from noon, October 12, G.M.T, adjust for your time zones, beloveds.


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