Aug. 2nd, 2009 08:35 am
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The new (August/conflict) issue for Kinaara is up.

(My poems are in it. Glee.)

The September issue is unthemed (save the usual South Asian and diaspora issue, but that's less a monthly theme and more an overarching one).


Jul. 1st, 2009 08:26 am
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Okay, so I've got to run away in an hour, for university (yay, new semester) and then to the launch in the evening (yay, magazine launch), so, ummm, visit us at our spanking new website and go through the very first isue of Kinaara.

I'm so happy this finally happened, especialy as both [info]fireshowers and I were teetering on the very brink of panic attacks last night. Okay, I was, dunno about her.

Anyway, yay for us, we can haz magazine. Go read it, please?

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I am on Dreamwidth. I haven't looked around yet, but I will. Thanks, [ profile] deepad for the code, and [ profile] fireshowers for the information thereof.

Now, we were supposed to meet and talk about Kinaara, but, ha ha, best laid plans and that, so [ profile] fireshowers should be dropping in at some point and we'll talk and study (yes, I have a Human Rights exam day after next, and I know absolutely zilch).

Because I've been talking about it a bit, and will talk more, it's only fair to give a proper introduction to Kinaara. The official blurbs are scattered elsewhere, but, really, informally, Kinaara is an online South Asian youth magazine that [ profile] fireshowers , I and the Gayboy (notinawoman'sbody) have been planning for the last few months. It's finally taking shape. We have a logo, we have trustees of a sort, we have a blog and an lj and a Facebook group and a mail id and apparently a lot of people who are at least marginally interested in it. We also, thank you, whichever divinity is taking out time to pay us attention, have a few contributions for our first issue, and more than half-a-month to deadline and a month after that to publication.

So, yeah, I'd say that it's beginning to go well. dw is an inspiration, and what we would love to grow up to become, in spirit, though not in form. I've never don anything like this. I'm introverted, I'm prickly, I'm arrogant, I don't play well. And I'm sure there's a lot of ranting and screaming ahead of us. But we have started, and hopefully, we'll go on.

And now the official spiel, because, y'know, I must include it somewhere. )


May. 20th, 2009 03:14 pm
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It has arrived, at least on Facebook, blogspot and lj ([info]kinaaranews).

Zis is Happiness. It is also the herald of a lot of hard work, but mostly, happiness. Kudos to [info]fireshowers.


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