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  1. My RenaultX assignment is stalled on a point of etiquette. I have got a lot more concerned about historical accuracy than the last time I wrote in this fandom, and that's not really fun right now.

  2. I just received and am already in love with my rarelywritten assignment, so that at least is all to the good.

  3. Being on the fringes of any fandom is often hilarious, and the Legend of Korra fandom right now is in a right state.

  4. I'm contemplating a Georgian/AgeofSail!Charioteer AU, a sure sign of impending illness.

  5. I... do think I should move off from Renault fandom as a whole, since I don't seem to be coping with fairly trivial things very well.
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I've nominated:

  1. Alexander Trilogy - Mary Renault
    • Olympias (c. 375–316 BC)
    • Sisygambis
    • Drypetis
    • Kleopatra (Alexander Trilogy - Mary Renault)
    • Oromedon

  1. The King Must Die Series - Mary Renault
    • Aithra (King Must Die Series)
    • Ariadne (Greek and Roman Mythology)
    • Ἱππολύτη | Hippolyta (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
    • Phaedra (Greek and Roman Mythology)
    • Chryse (King Must Die Series)

  1. Mahabharata - Vyasa
    • Draupadi
    • Amba | Shikandi (Mahabharata)
    • Kunti (Mahabharata)
    • Subhadra (Mahabharata)
    • Gandhari (Mahabharata)

  1. Night Watch - Sarah Waters
    • Kay Langrish
    • Viv Pearce
    • Helen (Night Watch)
    • Mickey (Night Watch)

  1. HOMER - Works
    • Penelope (Odyssey)
    • Ἑλένη | Helen of Troy (Hellenistic Religion & Lore)
    • Clytemnestra (Homer)
    • Andromache (Homer)
    • Cassandra (Homer)

Go forth thou and nominate *g*

If you're writing/nominating one of Renault's Ancients, please consider looking in on this post; consolidation is always good.


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